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Sales and Personal Development 

Sell Smarter, Live Happier!

We help women shatter their sales goals by optimizing their process and leveraging their natural strengths, freeing them to live life on their terms.

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Sales and Personal Development 

Sell Smarter, Live Happier!

We help women shatter their sales goals by optimizing their process and leveraging their natural strengths, freeing them to live life on their terms.

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The Shatter Effect Sales System

In The Shatter Effect Sales System, you’ll get access to the proven sales building system to grow your business, reach your ideal customers and generate more revenue! Transform your business with our proven sales building system. 

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Unlock Your Sales Potential with Personalized One-on-One Coaching! This program is designed for high-achieving sales professionals and dedicated business owners ready for accelerated sales success. Our expert sales coach will help you develop your skills, boost your confidence, and overcome the challenges within your industry. Receive tailor-made guidance, cutting-edge strategies, and invaluable feedback to skyrocket your sales performance. Embark on a journey of empowerment, recognition, and unprecedented growth. Your success story starts here.

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Group Coaching


Calling all collaborative and ambitious women in sales! Break through glass ceilings and achieve extraordinary success in our Group Coaching program made for you. Access cutting-edge tools, strategies, and resources to excel in sales, and become a part of a supportive network of like-minded professionals. Let's conquer the challenges of work-life balance, master industry trends, embrace best practices and experience the power of collaboration.  Take charge of your sales career, build lasting connections and finally gain the recognition you truly deserve. Let's rise together!

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Digital Self-Study


Boost Your Sales Skills with Digital Self Study! Self-motivated and Tech-savvy learners, seize the flexibility and convenience in our program. Access our comprehensive sales course anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. Dive into interactive modules, engaging content, and practical exercises to fast-track your learning journey. Embrace new tools and strategies to navigate the competitive sales industry successfully. Gain the confidence, recognition, and validation you deserve. Empower yourself on a transformative journey towards sales excellence!

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Who We Work With:


Who We Work With: 

Sales professionals, usually at the beginning of their career, who feel stuck and want more support, guidance, and resources than their employer provides. They yearn for the autonomy and lifestyle that comes with being a top performer, but the work feels overwhelming, and they don't know where to start. They likely have multiple responsibilities, so they need an efficient sales process that frees them to live the life they deserve.

Entrepreneurs who know how to run their businesses but struggle with sales. They understand that sales is the backbone of their business, and in order to build that strong, stable foundation, they need the right systems in place to help them work smart and build momentum. They likely have financial goals or debt, so they want a quick and simply way to close more clients so they can fully enjoy the entrepreneurship lifestyle.

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We Believe...

Sales is a practice, an ongoing and integrated craft, composed of both tactical execution and an intentional mindset.


The Shatter Sales Process: Our process is designed to help women close more sales with their existing skills and traits, while creating a career and life they love. 

  • Specify: Define your goals. 
  • Heart: Find your why.  
  • Audience Target: Identify your ideal client and the thing that makes you uniquely equipped to serve them.  
  • Tactical Sales Plan: Create a plan that feels good for you and gets results. 
  • Take the Time: Achieve outcomes from giving. 
  • End Negotiations: Ask for the sale. 
  • Relationship Development: Building long-term partnerships. 


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I'm Amy Blain,  Founder of Shatter - A sales and personal development consultancy.

We help sales professionals and entrepreneurs optimize their sales processes and money mindset freeing them to live life on their terms. 

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