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Become the woman you want to be by learning leadership and mindset lessons from bestselling personal development books in our virtual meetings every Monday night.


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Shatter the glass ceiling

Shatter Lounge is a mastermind group for female entrepreneurs and sales professionals that are looking to level up their sales, goals, and life. Our virtual meetups give you the tools and resources to become your best self by learning from personal development books.

Celebrate Your Wins & Grow Together

Celebrating accomplishments and growth is an important part of any journey. At Shatter Lounge, you’ll have the opportunity to not only celebrate your wins but also those of other team members.

  • Join us virtually every Monday night at 7pm CST 
  • monthly membership cost of $29
  • or an annual membership cost of $299.
$29 Monthly Membership
$299 Annual Membership

Go Further Faster with Group Discussions

Unlock the power of collective knowledge and achieve your goals faster. Join our group discussions to get the most out of each book insight, learn leadership lessons, and gain the confidence to shatter your sales and life goals.

Own your success with accountability

Achieve more, faster when you join a supportive community of ambitious women. Shatter Lounge gives you the accountability and support you need in a group setting to stay on track and make progress towards your goals. Join us every Monday night for an hour of growth-minded conversation and get ready to shatter those sales and life goals!.

What Members Are Saying ...


I couldn't recommend this group enough. It's for those that have been sitting on a thought but haven't taken action and need that little extra encouragement to get sh*t done. Since joining the Shatter Lounge, what would have previously paralyzed me in fear has now become an easy yes and makes me feel more aligned as a person in what I was meant to do. 


If you're looking for a great gift to give yourself and want to develop your mind and feel empowered, the Shatter Lounge is for you! I highly recommend it to all women, this work and support is great for any phase of life.


I came to the Shatter Lounge looking for a group of women I could connect with. In the past couple years I've been on a journey of improving myself and while I have some amazing friends, I didn't seem to connect with them on that level. Reading the books is awesome, but the real reason for the Shatter Lounge is sharing our stories and provide support. I feel so safe with this group of women because we are all trying our best to be the best versions of ourselves. The books are a bonus - the ladies are the whole reason for the Shatter Lounge! 


When I joined the Shatter Lounge I was looking to connect with other women on a variety of subjects while exploring new books that I could learn and grow from. With the Shatter Lounge, I get to do just that. Amy fosters a supportive community as she leads us through a discussion of the week's reading. There is always laughter along with learning and self-reflection. I feel inspired and motivated by the other women in the group, and I always leave feeling good. I ABSOLUTELY recommend this community. If you are interested in personal growth, connections with others, and being part of a supportive group that will help inspire you to meet your goals, this is the place for you!


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