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Perfectionism is so last season!

Feb 25, 2024

Welcome to the very first edition of Sales Spark Wednesday - your weekly dose of sales magic!

In today's edition, we're tackling a common challenge that holds us ladies back: perfectionism. We all know that feeling of wanting everything to be flawless before taking action. But guess what? We can accomplish so much more if we let go of perfection and start taking action now!

Here are three tips to overcome perfectionism and unleash your true potential:

  1. Set realistic expectations: Define what success looks like for each task or project. Focus on achievable goals that will keep you motivated and moving forward.
  2. Focus on strengths: Let's face it, nobody's perfect at everything. Identify your unique strengths and capitalize on them. Embrace what makes you amazing instead of striving for perfection in every aspect.
  3. Take action: It's time to make that call or send that email, even if everything isn't "perfect." Remember, perfection is unattainable, but each experience is an opportunity to learn and improve. Embrace the growth mindset!

And here's a little gem for you: "Perfectionism is so last season! Why fit into someone else’s box when you can shine as the brightest version of yourself?"

Embracing imperfection is a journey, so be kind to yourself and celebrate every step forward in your sales adventure.

So, what task are you waiting to do until it’s “perfect”?  Share in the comments and let's support each other in taking action!

Celebrating you always,


Amy + Team Shatter