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Why settle for just a taste when you can own the whole dairy farm??!!

Feb 25, 2024

Why settle for just a taste when you can own the whole dairy farm, ladies?

This saying holds true in dating...and in sales.

So today, let's tap into this wisdom and adopt a savvy approach to showcase our value without giving away everything straight away.

Picture this: you're in a discovery call, and the urge to solve all your prospects' problems is palpable. We understand – you want to establish trust, credibility, and genuinely help your prospects. But here's the honest truth: Spilling the beans before they've even committed doesn't benefit anyone.

So, how do you strike that perfect balance? Allow me to introduce the secret sauce of sales techniques: Credible stories!

Or as Oprah would say…Credible Stoooooooories!!!

Sales Spark Wednesday ⚡

Identify the top 3-5 pain points your clients commonly face, and gather some awe-inspiring stories of how you've swooped in and saved the day. These stories will showcase your expertise without revealing all your secrets upfront.

Now, if you're new to sales and still building your own collection of credibility stories, fear not! You can borrow these amazing tales from your colleagues and proudly present yourselves as a dynamic duo. It's all about teaming up and creating that magic of "we" instead of just "I."

Imagine saying something like, "Oh, we hear that challenge quite often. If you’re open to it, I’d be happy to share how we've helped our clients conquer that obstacle?"

By seamlessly incorporating these credibility stories into your conversations, you can effectively demonstrate to your clients how your expertise can address their needs without revealing the entire solution. It's all about showcasing your value while maintaining an air of intrigue.

So, sales superstars, go forth and gather those incredible tales of triumph. Let your prospects know that you have the skills to make their dreams come true, while saving the grand finale for when they're ready to join your winning team.

Celebrating you always,


Amy + Team Shatter

P.S. Need a community to pull credible stories from? Look no further than the Shatter Lounge, where you'll find women doing amazing things. And here's an exciting bonus – now is the perfect time to join as we kick off our next Book "The Scarcity Brain" this Monday, Feb 26th at 7pm CST via Zoom. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of an inspiring journey towards success!