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Are you in a love/hate tango with sales?

Feb 25, 2024

Are you stuck in a love/hate tango with sales? 

You know, that feeling when you're on cloud nine after closing a deal, but then want to channel your inner Hulk and smash a TV through a window when things don't go your way? (Not that I would know anything about that….)

Well, fear not, because today's special V-Day edition of Sales Spark Wednesday is going to make you fall even deeper in love with sales, no matter the outcome.

⚡ Sales Spark Wednesday ⚡

Choose 3-5 special prospects and shower them with something valuable, and here’s the juicy part- without asking for anything in return! Think of it as your very own love letter to your prospect. 

But wait!!! Aren't salespeople supposed to always be asking for something? Sure, asking has its place in sales, but long before that happens, your dream clients need to feel your genuine care for them.

In a world where everyone wants something from somebody, being the one who gives without asking not only sets you apart in a major way, but it also grants you permission to truly embrace the love of sales. So, go ahead and show your clients some love this Valentine's Day, and get ready for some sales magic to happen! 💖

What’s your favorite way to shower your clients and prospects with love? Tell us in the comments below and let’s spread the love!

Celebrating you always,


Amy + Team Shatter

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