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dream empowerment women Sep 18, 2023

Do you ever feel like your dreams are bigger than your surroundings?

You know, when you have this massive dream burning inside you, but everyone else seems to be stuck in the same old routine? Well, I've been there too, my friend.

Picture this: me, in my early 40s, with a lot of life before me. Okay, cue the Tim McGraw soundtrack, because this could be a country song!

Anyway, there I was, diving headfirst into personal development books that had me believing I could conquer the world. But when I shared my dreams with my friends, it was like we were on opposite sides of a philosophical debate. They'd hit me with, "Are you sure about that?" or "Have you even considered the obstacles?" And the conversations would always end with a patronizing "Good for you" that screamed, "Oh, that's cute, but it's never gonna happen."

Now, don't get me wrong, my friends love me and were just trying to protect my heart from potential disappointments. But what I needed was unconditional support! So, has this ever happened to you? Have you ever poured your heart out, only to be served a cold dish of judgment and doubt by your nearest and dearest?

If you're nodding along, listen up because I got you, girl!  First things first, wanting unconditional support is not a crime. You deserve it! But everyone's got their own unique way of showing love, and for some it’s helping you avoid pitfalls.

So here's my pro tip: If someone isn't giving you the juiced-up support you crave, speak up! Tell them exactly what you need. I sat my friends down and spilled the beans about my dreams, making it clear that what was most helpful was unwavering support and encouragement. I may have added that their doubts and obstacles were already performing a circus in my mind, magnified by a hundred, causing me enough anxiety to launch a spacecraft. Eesh! 

And lastly, if those around you don't quite give you what you need, fear not – there's a whole world of dream-chasers out there waiting to meet you! When my surroundings didn’t match my dreams, I searched out surroundings that did. For me that was an online personal development community filled with beautiful humans from across the globe, all aiming to light up the world with their greatness. And girl, did it work. In just six months, I stopped drinking, scored a sweet $16K bonus, confronted a decade-old demon, and bought my dream house. That tribe was a game-changer, so much so that when it disbanded, I decided to create my own damn party.  

Introducing: The Shatter Lounge. It's THE place for lady entrepreneurs and sales professionals to come together every week, dive into life-changing personal development books, throw epic celebrations for each other’s badass accomplishments, and ignite the spark that leads to greatness on our shared path. So buckle up, gorgeous because we’re about to shatter all limitations and create a life that’s straight-up extraordinary! 

Don't let your surroundings hold you back any longer. Join the Shatter Lounge today and start experiencing a life of extraordinary awesomeness. Remember, your dreams are worth pursuing, and we're here to help you make them a reality.

Let’s shatter the status quo together!


Amy + Team Shatter