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Step into Your New Identity ✨

sales transformation women Sep 18, 2023


Have you ever experienced a complete shift in your identity? Going from single to married or from self-care pro to stellar Mom? If you have, then you know that journey is a wild ride of fear and exhilaration.

For the past year, I've been grappling with my new identity, transitioning from a corporate salesperson to an ambitious entrepreneur sales coach.

Now, you might think this transition is a piece of cake, but let me tell you, it's been one hell of a journey. Despite being part of that elite club of successful saleswomen, I never truly embraced the salesperson persona - let alone a sales coach.

That's why, when I ventured into entrepreneurship, my true passion for mindset and personal development took center stage. That's what sets my soul ablaze. But during a session with my business coach, it became clear that I should step into the role of a sales coach. After all, I have 25 years of successful sales experience. Why wouldn't I want to share what I've learned, especially with other women?

Embarking on this new chapter is thrilling, but embracing my new identity has faced fierce resistance. So much so that I avoided even mentioning the "S" word in my weekly messages to you. You see, I hadn't fully embraced my new identity as a sales coach. The question that plagued me was: What does it truly mean to be a sales coach, for me? After a year-long battle of self-discovery, I am ready to share some hard truths and powerful insights about this incredible journey of shifting into a new identity.

    • I get to decide what kind of sales coach I want to be. This might seem obvious, but stepping into a new identity can be scary and confusing. It's tempting to imitate those around us who are in similar positions. But here's the thing: when we embrace a new identity, it becomes something fresh and uniquely ours. When I look at other women in the same industry, I have nothing but the utmost admiration for them. However, I often don't see myself mirrored in their image. I'm more of a quiet observer, laid back and inclined towards listening and giving rather than dominating the conversation. These qualities might not align with the conventional norms and stereotypes of sales, but that's precisely what sets me apart. So, why not fully embrace these qualities and help others do the same?
    • Not everyone is going to resonate with my style of coaching…and that’s okay! When transitioning into a new identity, you have to be willing to let go of what’s popular and embrace what feels true for you. For me, I firmly believe that all women have the power to generate massive revenue, as much as they damn well please. This isn't a skill reserved for the alpha’s out there. Some folks might argue that you need a specific personality profile or a background in competitive sports, but honestly, I think that's just plain silly. We all sell in our daily lives, so why not harness that same energy to make some serious dough?
    • At some point, I have to burn the boats and bid farewell to my old self. I’m not going to lie, this is the hardest one. It's like facing an inevitable storm, drenched in suckiness. The timing of this is different for everyone and should be carefully considered. Some of us want to start fresh and burn everything down, while others want to take bits and pieces of our old selves with us. All of it is okay. As for me, I've been setting ablaze mini boats along my journey for the past few years. And now, this email serves as yet another vessel I set aflame, as I fearlessly unveil my aspirations and ambitions for my newfound persona.

So, what does this boat-burning message mean for our regular little chats? Well, get ready for a spicy upgrade! We'll still dive deep into mindset and personal development, but we're also going to add some kickass sales tips that will have you raking in more moolah than you ever imagined. Oh, I can’t wait!! 

Lastly, I want to remind all you fierce ladies who are bravely diving into the vast ocean of uncertainty on your journey to a new identity, that the power to shape yourself into any version you desire lies within you. Don't fret if your path isn't conventional or if it doesn't align with the expectations of others. Embrace the fearless adventurer within and bid farewell to the remnants of your old self with grace and compassion. Trust in the infinite potential that lies ahead and welcome the exhilarating possibilities that await you!

I’m cheering for YOU! 


Amy + Team Shatter

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