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42 Years of Persistence: Celebrating Women's Equality Day!

empowerment equality women Sep 04, 2023

I just wanted to pop in with a quick reminder that tomorrow is Women's Equality Day! 

Yay!! Cheers all around! 

It's a day to celebrate the remarkable struggles and triumphs of women throughout history. Now, I could dive into a deep discussion about gender stereotypes and the difference between equality and equity (yes to more equity!), but instead, I'd like to share a simple fact that will leave you in awe.

The catalyst for tomorrow’s holiday, the passing of women’s voting rights, was brought before every session of Congress for 42 years, but was ignored or voted down until finally passing in 1919 and then in the Senate in 1920.

What’s my point in bringing this up? Well for starters, if you’ve ever beaten yourself up for not being further along in life, think about what those women thought. Do you think they thought it was going to take 42 years? I mean, every human in America had the right to vote, except women. Uhhm, can we say infuriating and insane! It's a powerful reminder that big changes take time, and we should never give up on our dreams.

It also reminds me of how far we’ve come as a gender. It’s easy to get sucked down the victim rabbit hole analyzing all the ways women are still held back by society, but remember, it's only been 100 years since we gained the right to vote. Many of our great grandmothers couldn't even cast a ballot. So, as we strive for equality and equity, let's also acknowledge and honor the progress made by previous generations. They paved the way for the opportunities we have today.

And lastly, let me tell you, ladies, we are persistent as hell! Don't you dare tell us we can't do something because we'll prove you wrong. We juggle multiple roles, work tirelessly, and face judgment and criticism every step of the way. But that doesn't stop us from moving the needle forward for women. We are unstoppable forces of nature!

So, as you ponder what Women's Equality Day means to you, take a moment to savor the successes of past generations and let them fuel your journey towards whatever makes your soul sing. Remember, we stand on the shoulders of brave women who fought for our rights. Let's keep pushing boundaries, breaking glass ceilings, and supporting each other along the way.

Cheers to progress, perseverance, and the power of women!


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